100% kommitted

100 classes in 100 days

start 2022 with a kommitment. komplete 100 classes in 100 days. deadline - 10th april 2022. keep showing up for yourself! you can do it!

what is it?

as it is- kompleting 100 classes in 100 days. you can take multiple classes a day. starts on the 1st january 2022 and komplete 100 classes by 10th april 2022.

do i need to register to participate?

no need! all current package holders are automatically enrolled. anyone kompleting 100 classes within 1st jan 2022 and 10th april 2022 will be eligible to klaim the kommitted tote.

can i use my current package to participate?

no registration required. any students with a current package are automatically enrolled. if you do not have a package with us, purchase our kommitted package at pricing page for 4 months unlimited access at myr1000.

does no-shows and late cancellation counts?

nah. you must show up for class to count 🙂

i must start my class on 1st of jan?

not necessarily. komplete 100 classes between the time frame of 1st jan - 10th april 2022.

does online classes counted?

for sure! both online and in-studio class are counted! (but only ones with karma yoga ya). our online classes will still be available.

does komuniti class, events and workshop counts towards the practice?

yes! all types of classes will be counted! 😀 we highly suggest you balance the type of classes you join by joining a combination of dynamic and yin classes. (remember, too much of the same thing is not always good)

how do i track my classes?

you can track your classes from ``my account`` when you log-in to your member page. alternatively grab a tracker card in-studio! there are a few designs to choose from :))

what do i get for completing 100 classes in 100 days?

a trophy with your face on it! (just kidding). you will receive a limited edition canvas tote bag (unisex) designed for champions like you. details to redeem your coveted proof of your dedication will be sent to your email on 10th april 2022.

what if i did not komplete 100 classes?

you are still amazing and lovely.

karma yoga 2022. do good. everyday.

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