as a yogi, this question sometimes arises.
how can i serve, and what do i serve?
living in the city, we are bound to live with stress. sometimes, lack o mindfulness, kindness, and awareness of the self and others, our daily lives become a chase. every day we live a life of wanting more but never giving back anything in return

yoga is more than mere moving meditation.
how we show up, how we act and react on and off the mat,
truly embodies the practice of yoga.

let’s talk about the word karma for a moment.

karma/ (ˈkɑːmə) /

in Hinduism and Buddhism, the principle of retributive justice determining a person’s state of life and the state of his reincarnations as the effect of his past deeds – the doctrine of inevitable consequence of destiny or fate

the art of giving back is karma yoga

in short, behind every effect, there is a cause. some say – we reap what we sow.
hence, karma yoga is about choosing the path where our actions and words stem from the awareness of just doing the right thing at that point in time where the maximum amount of happiness can be achieved. and that can be achieved when every action is about doing good. doing good continuously, every day, with no expectations of return. the art of giving back is karma yoga.

  • our actions are always on doing what is right at the point of time
  • our actions are always on doing what is right, at that point in time. 
  • we give back, at our best of our abilities, with no expectations of returns.
  • we welcome everyone with no discrimination.
  • we encourage collaboration, community, good vibes, no-nonsense, no bullsh*t attitudes. 
  • we leave ego, at the door. 
  • we step in with the intention to share, to give, and to encourage the same. 
  • we do good, regardless of what is the outcome, every day. 

all of this constitutes the karma difference.
we do good every day and this is karma yoga.


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