when we say komuniti, we don’t mean we are for the komuniti.
instead, we are the same, as one with the komuniti.

we offer an inclusive, welcoming space to see students grow in their yoga practice in kindness and support for each other; whether it’s breathing longer, seated in stillness, or getting their first headstand. 
it’s our mission to see our students start to connect with others and themselves and move their yoga friendships outside of class as we bring like-minded yogis together. sometimes they need a nudge from a teacher and sometimes it just happens spontaneously, perhaps as you keep bumping into the same yoga friend next to your mat. this connection, we believe, is what brings the komuniti together. 
with this mission, we strive to give back by bringing like-minded people together through a more accessible practice in the neighborhood with a komuniti class that is free for the public whenever we can. 

komuniti, does not equal free.

when we say free, what do we mean by that?

1. our komuniti classes are catered for those who can’t afford to pay for a normal yoga class package or are in a financial situation where they can’t commit to expensive studio memberships.

2. this is a class for those who are new to the practice or studio and would like to see if the area and studio teaching style is what they are looking for.

3.  these komuniti classes are our aim to begin to get more people to start practicing yoga or begin considering including them in their daily routine (especially elderly people, people who say they can’t do yoga, and yes, guys. )

4. our komuniti classes intend to help students practice yoga with quality teachers and not serve as a testing ground for newly graduated teachers.

5. our komuniti classes are catered for all levels of practitioners, but more importantly, a space where all levels are welcomed and not judged.

6. students attending our komuniti classes will keep each other accountable by ensuring studio etiquette are met.
i. ensure you commit to your booking and not hog classes every week. give the komuniti equal chances to book for class.
ii. adhere to class start and end times and do not arrive late and leave early.
iii. ensure you keep the space clean and well taken care of for the next group of students using the space.
iv. keep noise at bay, speak softly, and keep your volume low.
v. ensure you have your mobile phones in the locker kept in silent mode.
vi. dress appropriately for yoga practice.

karma yoga komuniti mission

we encourage interaction.
your feedback, suggestions, and opinion matter. speak and connect with us whenever and on whatever matters that matter to you. we will try our best to do better, together. 
beyond just yoga.
our space is just four walls without the people. and hence, we value the komuniti more than our yoga mats. things come and go, but our connection, we believe is what sets the karma difference.
a community of teachers, celebrating growth together.
our teachers are our pride. our teachers believe and share the same common goal and values and most importantly, all our teachers are diverse in their teaching style and voice. we don’t use the same voice and tone, and we are certainly not templatized. we encourage growth not only with our students but also with our teachers as we believe teachers are always students first. 
we give back when we can at the best of our ability.
giving back doesn’t necessarily always mean monetary values or terms. giving back can be kindness, warmth, a hug or a smile to a random stranger, giving back to yourself by doing good to your body, nourishing it well, etc. giving back in karma yoga, is giving back without expectations.

komuniti over competition, the heart of karma yoga.

when we work together through a common purpose and goal with our body and time (not money), we benefit together. when we give back with no expectations in return, we gain more than what we came for. ultimately, we aim for a higher purpose, a deeper meaning, a more profound goal in life, and that is — consciousness. (and not a free class)
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