hello, let us walk through all you need to know
how do i sign up?

a/ sign up for an account on our website if you do not have an account with us.
b/ all classes are listed on the schedule page of our website.
in-studio classes have a prefix ie: in-studio☀︎karma vinyasa and;
all online classes are listed as “online” before the class ie:
online karma vinyasa
c/ you must register and book your classes from our website prior to class. classes are bookable until 3 hours before the class start time.  
d/ if you can’t make it to class, cancel your class before class starts; this will allow those on the waitlist to get a spot in class. if you cancel 12 hours before class starts time, a penalty of myr20 will be charged. class is no longer cancellable 3 hours before the class start time as there is not enough time for those on the waitlist to be notified to attend the class; hence cancellation is no longer available on your account and will be counted as a no-show.
e/ if you did not show up for class, a no-show fee of myr20 will be charged. 
f/ please note that all late cancellations and no-show charges are done automatically through the system. you will be charged directly onto your card-on-file. failure for any charges more than 3x will result in the termination of your class package.
g/ you can check your classes reserved after you have logged in under my account. you can cancel your classes on the same page by selecting the class you have booked and clicking on “unreserve“.
please cancel classes yourself, we do not do class cancellations for students. 

i/ if you face any difficulties with cancellation on the site; do reach out to us so that we can assist you.

how much do the classes cost?

a/ all our packages are unlimited, non-shareable, non-refundable, and non-transferable.
all packages must be activated 14 days from the date of purchase. your package begins from the first class you book, so choose the date you wish to activate when you book your class accurately. you will be unable to book a class earlier than your activation date. we do not accommodate any requests on deferring your packages due to any reasons after a package is activated.
our class pricing is available here

how do i practice?

a/ once you have booked for classes, you will receive an email confirmation that your kelas is booked. if the class is full and you have added yourself to the waitlist; you will be automatically added to the class if someone cancels 12h before class.
when you add yourself to waitlist, you are committed to coming to the said class if the spot opens. you will not be added to the class 12h prior to class start time unless contacted by karma yoga front desk to confirm your availability. 
you will receive an email immediately if you are bumped into class.

b/ for online classes, booking works the same way. the link to your online class is within the booking confirmation email. you will receive it as soon as you book your class. 
c/ if you do not receive a link please check the following items:
i/ spam/junk folder
ii/ accuracy of the email associated with your account
if all else fails, contact us if you have any questions/issues with class registration.
d/ for online classes, we do not provide replays/playbacks. classes are conducted via zoom.
e/ if you choose to pause your account due to any reasons (covid, travel relocation, medical reasons), do email us and let us know in advance, you can pause your account at any time once within your package validity. there will be an admin fee of myr50 to pause your account. do email us at namaste@karmayoga.my stating the start and end date you want to pause your account. an email will be sent to you once it is completed and admin fee will be auto charged to your card-on-file.

online house rules.










1. click the link provided via your booking confirmation email 10 minutes before class starts.
you can use your web browser, but the best experience will be via the zoom app. you can choose to use your phone, laptop, ipad in double or triple devices as you wish; but do ensure you log in to zoom first.  

2. ensure your camera is turned on and your audio is muted.
this is mandatory for our online classes.
at karma yoga, we value your safety and would love to give you the best experience in our teaching. by turning on the camera, you will allow our teachers to ensure you practice in proper form and prevent injuries. it also helps us to validate your identity, mark your attendance, and ensure the security and privacy of our online classes. 

if you are unable to turn on your camera, without prejudice, you will be removed from the class 5 minutes after class commences. if in any case, you are unable to turn on your camera due to technical reasons, do reach out to us before class so that we can assist you. 
3. use the same name as your booking name or remember to rename yourself so that we can mark your attendance.  OUR ONLINE CLASSES ARE INTEGRATED INTO OUR BOOKING SYSTEM SO THERE IS NO DISPUTE WHEN THERE ARE NO SHOWS. HENCE; LOGGING IN TO ZOOM IS REQUIRED. 
4. the same late cancellation and no-show policy applies to online classes. 
5. we encourage you to join classes with your household/family members to practice with you. only one account/booking is required. you don’t need to buy another practice package for them. there will be no further charge for this. 
6. prepare 2 blocks & 1 strap if you usually need them in your practice. occasionally we may have some drills at the wall, so clear up some space closer to the wall for this. above all, be safe. do not practice in a hazardous area.
7. classes with less than 6 pax will be canceled 12h prior to class, so do book your classes in advance. classes are bookable 30 days in advance from the website. IF A CLASS IS CANCELLED LATER THAN 12H, IT IS VERY LIKELY DUE TO EMERGENCY/UNPREDICTED CIRCUMSTANCES.
8. if you face any difficulties, do reach out to us. we will try our best to assist you.

in-studio house rules.

1. please refrain to come to the studio if you are UNWELL AND BOOK THE ONLINE CLASS INSTEAD.
2. arrive 15 minutes before class.
waze driving direction.
google maps driving direction.
if you are driving, you can park on-street, bangsar village 2, or bangsar village 3.
to pay for on-street parking, you can use jom parking app, smart selangor app, wilayah parking, touch n go e-wallet, and mcash.
we are located on the second floor above FIVE CLINIC at bangsar telawi 3. 
3. latecomers will be denied entry. 
4. bring your own mat for practice. mats are not provided however mat rental is available at myr10. for yin classes, please bring along a large towel to lay on our bolsters. this is to ensure the utmost hygiene in using common props in the studio. towel rental is available at myr 5. 
5. you can also keep your mat in-studio at the designated space so that you don’t have to keep carrying it to the studio.
6. wearing face mask is optional. feel free to practice safely, according to your best discernment about your health that will not affect others.
7. sanitize or wash your hands ACCORDINGLY. hand sanitizers are provided around the studio. use them, generously. 
8. if it’s your first time at the studio, check in at the front desk with your name. else, you may proceed to place your belongings in the locker room or place your mats in the classroom. you are allowed to bring your phones to the classroom but try not to use them during the duration of the class. please hold on to your locker keys; missing locker key penalty is myr50. 
9. bring your own water bottle if you wish to refill water at the studio.
10. place your mat in accordance with the floor markers.
11. TEACHER adjustment cards are available if you choose to have OR NOT HAVE HANDS-ON adjustments BY THE TEACHER.
12. upon completion of the class, you can clean your mat with sanitizing wipes provided and dispose of them in the bin. sanitizing spray is available for use if you wish to use them.
14. remember to take all your belongings with you, especially your umbrella and water bottle. any items found unclaimed will be SENT TO RECYCLE CENTERS.
15. we encourage cashless transactions. you may use mae qrpay by maybank, grabpay, bank transfer, or credit card for any purchases in-studio.

what type of classes should i book? 

a/ for NEW PRACTITIONERS, we recommend attending hatha 1 (FOUNDATION CLASS), yin yang (balance between flow and restoration), and yin (restoration)  
b/ if you would like to work up a sweat, challenge your balance and work on some peak poses, you can attend any of the vinyasa classes – hatha vinyasa, karma vinyasa, or krama vinyasa (specifically works on a peak pose)
c/ ultimately, all our classes will suit your needs. do inform our teachers in advance if you are new to the practice, or if you have any injuries we should know of. 

i still need help. how?

a/ you can reach out to us directly via whatsapp here
b/ dm us via instagram direct message or facebook direct message.
c/ email us at namaste@karmayoga.my

we apologize in advance if we can’t attend to your queries asap. we will try our very best to get back to you as soon as we can.
do understand that your booking of classes helps us schedule and offer a variety of classes catered to you at the most affordable price. we ask that you understand and adhere to our policy and rules as it helps us OPERATE EFFICIENTLY and serve the komuniti better.

at karma yoga, your feedback is of utmost importance to us. do let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback that can help us make our komuniti space serve you better.
if there are any shortcomings, we apologize in advance.


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