with effect on 1st nov 2021

these details take into account new norms of practice at karma yoga studio, bangsar. 
the approach is the whole of society approach. the success of us all curbing the virus depends on us all –  actively, continuously, responsibly, and diligently practice these “strict operating procedures” s.o.p – yes not standard but strict, for us all to ensure the safety and good health of the komuniti.
the methods of this approach are essential in ensuring a smooth, safe and effective studio reopening and promotes safekeeping of the komuniti.
everyone’s role is to protect yourself and your family; we are all responsible for ensuring the well-being and safety of others whilst karma yoga studio is responsible for ensuring that teachers, students, and operations maintain a high standard of hygiene while adhering to this s.o.p. 

compulsory actions for prevention of the spread of covid-19:

before entering karma yoga

1. all students must pre-book their class from the website or classpass. strict class cancellation policy of 12 hours in advance applies. 
2. all students entering karma yoga studio must be fully vaccinated.
3. take antigen home-kit tests weekly to ensure the safety of others. rm16.50 weekly can bring peace of mind to the whole komuniti. this test is optional, but we highly suggest you take it before coming to the studio. once a week testing is sufficient.
4. please bring your own yoga mat. usage of yoga props in-studio is permitted. you may use studio props, but do clean them after use.
5. kindly bring your own water bottle, face towels, large towels for yin practice. 
6. refrain from entering the studio even with the slightest hint of cold, flu, fever, sore throat, and cough. we reserve the right to turn you away if you exhibit signs of being unwell.
7. cancellation and no-show policy apply; with no prejudice. please book mindfully and adhere to cancellation as well as no-show penalties. 
8. responsibility and accountability is an ongoing practice.

entering karma yoga 

1. no walk-ins permitted. 
2. arrive 15 minutes before class to ensure you have time to settle in. latecomers will be denied entry. rooms and doors will be locked on time; late-comers will not be allowed to enter.
3. only fully vaccinated individuals are allowed to enter the studio.
   14 days after your second dose of pfizer, astrazeneca, sinovac
   28 days after receiving your single dose of johnson & johnson or casino
   (all teachers at karma yoga studio are fully vaccinated)
4. all entries must be recorded via mysejahtera app. you are only allowed to enter if you have a “low risk” status in mysejahtera app. (remember to check out from the app after you left the studio). any other status is not allowed to enter.
5. body temperature above 37.5 will not be allowed to enter the studio.
6. face mask must be worn by anyone entering the studio and maintained worn in common areas at all times. face mask worn during practice is optional. 
7. promote high hygiene practices – sanitize your hands before you enter and when you leave. wash your hands with soap(20 seconds) or hand sanitizers provided generously before and after practice. 
8. place your belongings in the locker area; please do not carry your belongings into the practice room.
9. water refills are allowed; mandatory use of own bottle. (our water dispenser dispenses uv sterilized water)
10. ensure that sanitizing is performed regularly and consistently; clean all common props used at the sanitizing station. nano uv sterilization guns, alcohol wipes, disinfectants that can kill covid-19 viruses are placed at the sanitizing station. please use them generously.
11. kindly adhere to all floor markers and maintain 1 m social distancing with anyone.

12. karma yoga studio will maintain all windows opened for ventilation – producing an outdoor induced yoga class (unless if it rains, windows will be opened at 50%. 
13. air condition units will be off throughout practice and only turned on to increase ventilation at the end of practice to cool down the room. all fans will be turned on during practice.
14. karma yoga studio space is equipped with 4 enterprise medklinn devices, air purifiers with hepa filters, and air ionizers throughout the studio. these devices remove odor, formaldehyde, harmful particles, and can help kill bacteria and viruses (including covid-19). these devices run 24-7 within our space.
15. the studio air quality will be constantly monitored as we adhered to ventilation guidelines provided by the ministries of health malaysia. monitoring devices will be visible to everyone within the studio space.
16. please sanitize all used mats, props, and surfaces accordingly with the provided personal sanitization kit.
17. showers and changing room facilities will be available to use. 
18. no towels provided; kindly bring your own. towel and mat rental are available at the studio at a crazy price. please, bring your own-lah.
19. no trying on any karma swag apparel. 
20. cashless transactions within the studio. we accept credit card, maybank qr payment, and grab pay. 
21. all classes are spaced where ample time is available for airing and cleaning of the studio space before the next class commences. periodic deep sanitization of the studio will be done monthly.

emergency covid-19 measures

with the rise of covid-19 cases nationwide, we will be taking these measures if karma yoga is alerted with the news of an in-studio covid-19 positive case. 
1. contact tracing via our booking platform. all contacted individuals who are deemed as close contact will be informed to immediately cancel all bookings; take the covid-19 mandatory test and quarantine for a period of 10 days for further observation where your studio package will be paused. once you have submitted your updated second test results, your account will be unpaused and studio practice can be resumed.
click here for close contact definition 
2. once all tracing measures are completed, we begin heavy-duty sanitization and cleaning with standards approved by kkm. our studios will reopen once we are cleared and allowed from kkm, within the next two days.
3. with the advice from the national sports & fitness venue owner & operators association, we will not be releasing a public announcement as all internal communication has been done and all necessary precautions have been taken to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of our komuniti.
4. other measures not listed above will be taken where necessary.
the recommencement of in-studio practice requires everyone to play their part.
if you are unable to commit to the above s.o.p’s, our classes are still available online.
essentially, living with the pandemic in 2021 and beyond requires us all to live the new norm. we hope you are able to come back to practice in-studio with us as we await you with our masks on.

let’s practice together yogis!

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