let’s look at how far we’ve come together.
part of growing is being able to look back and reflect on the positive difference we’ve made throughout the year. our journey is neverending, but we look forward to enjoying the flowers, trimming the garden, and planting seeds here and there together with you.
it’s very human to focus on our problems and work on driving solutions.
but it’s more helpful to remember our goodness and strive towards good actions daily.
in a year full of challenges, you have contributed vastly to a huge positive impact with us.
this report is to document our progress, and in years to come, becomes a reminder of our humble beginnings.

we may sound like a broken record, but we want our message to be able to just strike at least one person stepping into our classes every single day. if we can just create change through one person to do good, we’ve achieved our daily goal. 
how does this work? 
we believe karma yoga works in a cycle, and it can start from any point of junction.
each of us plays a part and eventually our action drives and creates a meaningful impact on society as a whole.

it’s simple really. our action creates an impact. 

so, what action are you taking at this moment?
is this action creating a positive change?
and perhaps, before taking an action, ask yourself, am i doing good? (in whatever context)
when our intention starts from a place of achieving goodness, we will never go wrong.
2021 has indeed been challenging. we thought covid-19 is going away but is it really?
reality hit us hard when we finally understood that the virus will be here to stay, likely forever. but that will not stop us from achieving goodness amidst the face of chaos and anxiety. in fact, we think we did pretty good.


we never thought we are able to do so much. but we didn’t do it alone. 
we are able to achieve all this thanks to you.  
our contributions were not limited to just helping the underprivileged, charity organizations, nonprofit agencies – ie befrienders, world wildlife foundation, give india, change.org, second change animal society, paws, furry kids safe haven, hope foundation malaysia, spca malaysia, mercy malaysia,  zoo negara malaysia, but also to local yoga teachers and underprivileged and financially challenged yogis during the lockdown as well as floor relief aids to the local and rural komuniti. 
our aim is always to ensure we continuously drive efforts to give back where we can. eventually, we want to create habitual practice amongst the students arriving at our classes. just like doing good every day, our yoga practice and doing good requires daily effort. 

sometimes it’s just mindful meditation, sometimes it’s rest, sometimes it’s dynamic energizing practice, and sometimes it’s yin. balance requires active participation in all that we are doing. for some people, it’s hard for them to slow down and take a breather; while for some, they are challenged by strong practices. what’s hard – is learning how to hone your body and allow yourself to be committed to the process and journey embracing the opposite ends.


this is the reason why we create only unlimited classes at karma yoga. 
we believe you should not worry about the balance of class and research hard to find a space and teacher that works for you. when you show up fully, you’ve committed to yourself and practiced.
whether it’s showing up online, or braving the traffic, rain, and flood to the studio, we want you to know that we are warmed by your presence and commitment to show up for your practice and yourself.


2022’s direction

with reflections, we also realized that there is always room for improvement. 
in 2022, we will be more focused on our mission and provide a vision of what we will be working on. 

1. giving back to make changes that matter












1. our core value at karma yoga is to give back without expectations.
we will drive all our efforts to focus on giving back to:-
a. fellow malaysians in need
b. elderly first; providing free access to yoga classes to all elderly above the age of 60, and aids that focus on senior citizens.
c. individuals who are financially challenged due to pandemics, natural disasters, and or life events
2. our second driver will be towards protection efforts, rehabilitation, and feeding of animals, specifically to the below three categories-
a.  wildlife endangered species namely malayan tigers, sea turtles and animals within national zoo
b. stray animals that do not belong to shelters
c. non-profit independent shelters



creating habitual practice

3. influence habitual practice amongst our students by:-
a. enabling the practice of mindfulness, cultivating compassion and kindness in everyday living.
b. teaching and guiding the practice of karma yoga, giving selflessly without expectations
c. making physical yoga practice habitual rather than a chore


sustainability goals













4. promoting eco-living through our in-studio space through our cleaning materials, products, furniture, and fittings.  there is no unnecessary wastage in resources and using energy-efficient lighting as well as savings of electricity where possible.
5. source environmentally friendly, ethical, and recyclable materials in our merchandise, yoga equipment, and support brands and local businesses that believes the same. we also aim to create reusable packaging moving forward, and or sourcing recyclable and reusable plastics.
6. our karma kolab efforts will be one of the key focus for us to help each other (local small-medium businesses) to grow. the komuniti remains the heart of karma yoga and any collaborative efforts that benefits the komuniti will see us standing side by side with each other.
7. inspiring, caring for, and growing our people. karma yoga strongly believes that with great leaders and teachers, a greater sense of komuniti and its purpose can be built and nurtured. our group of strong and highly experienced teachers represents our beliefs, our core values, and also our message to the komuniti. hence, we will focus on the learning and development of our teachers, teachers in the komuniti, and helping them to find recognition and a sense of belonging in all that they do through higher education, mentorship, training, and workshops.
we know it’s a lot. but we believe it’s possible when we put actions into our words.
now all that is left to do, is to get to work.
are you ready?


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