two years serving the komuniti 

we are so humbled to be two, and 2022 was indeed a year for us to be really proud of. 
the year really went by quickly. it seems like we have not done much, the fact of the matter is we have done so much it is a lil’ crazy to look back and think of what really happened. with that in mind, we are so grateful for your presence and support in each of our endeavors this year, we want to remind you of how awesome you were with this humbling impact report that we’ve compiled with data up to this date (nov 25th)
first up; let’s look back at the goals we’ve set for ourselves this year.
we told ourselves that in 2022, we want to:-
1. give back to make changes that matter; priority to malaysians in need and secondly to animals in need
2. create habitual practice; by enabling the practice of mindfulness, cultivating compassion and kindness in everyday living, and making practice habitual rather than a chore
3. drive sustainable living; through eco-living, supporting local businesses, inspiring, caring for, and growing our people.
let’s see how we fare. 
komuniti building is our kore philosophy since day one. we are truly nothing without the teachers and students coming for us, and believing in us through shared or common values. if you’ve been to any of our events, we hope you feel inspired or connected with our work and the values we shared. from komuniti practice together(komuniti yoga), going back to nature(silent trails), giving our bodies a break (karma holi-yay) and doing good good (shower many doggos)… we hope we’ve done enough through the year and that you’ve enjoyed our company. 
apart from that, we are grateful for the lokal komuniti who showed up for us and with us. we coined this ‘the give-back generation’, mainly because we believe everyone can play a part, big or small to give back in any way we can. no matter how small and even random acts of kindness can brighten someone’s day in ways you can not imagine. this includes our friends at eatcalli, lush protein, wolo yoga, amazing graze, liz athleisure, themineraw, signature market, allie & freeplus from kanebo, kippy bakes, mybellygood and so much more that has been supporting karma yoga through 2022. also, not forgetting other studios we have worked together with through the year – tribe, club aloha, babel, motionlab, nafas yoga, hideout, and jeet academy. 
we’ve always felt like we’ve not done enough. but looking back and summarizing the year made us feel glad that we kept moving forward. thank you, yogis – for missing your classes, canceling late, or renting our towels and mats, as they allowed us to give back to these missions that are close to our hearts. although we highly wish you do not miss your classes or cancel late, the penalty charges helped us give back to those who need it.
myr10,920 in 11 months to help tigers, doggos, orphans, and sustainable living? that’s a big win. 
apart from all the goodness, our yoga practice was truly one that we felt the komuniti paid 100% kommitment and effort to. 100 classes in 100 days? everyone showed up fully kommitted for a mere tote bag. we. are. so. amazed. 
the komuniti went above and beyond and that is a true dedication to your own practice. well done. 
not forgetting, running our first teacher training to support the teaching komuniti, having 3 new teachers (teacher mi kyung s, teacher stacey l, and teacher mei ling l.), and growing our smol library of yoga books for your reading. 
we also have our top students (by top we meant students who took the most hours of classes in the past 11 months). please congratulate these yogis the next time you see them in-studio – yean yean l. with 449 classes (she’s also our #1 dhana contributor to karma yoga operation expenses), xin yi c. with 335 classes (in which more than 90% of the classes were online) and michelle l. with 304 classes (she’s also the first student who completed 100 classes in 90 days!).
as we drive sustainable living through our space, culture, and everyday actions, karma yoga studio is fully committed to a mega-low environmental impact space by adopting intelligent living as our living ethos. our space and classes aim to educate our students to be mindful of our daily actions to support intelligent living through sustainability practices. read through our sustainability key actions here
in summary – we will be focusing on these 5 pointers
1. giving back.
2. saving energy resources.
3. reduce, reuse, and recycle.
4. conserving water.
5. supporting lokal.
you may or may not believe in the same. but as you step into our space, we hope that you understand that this is our practice and that you can do the same. 
driving komuniti building has been a huge focus for 2022. i personally felt overwhelmed by the support that we get from teachers and students showing up for us rain or shine, and with the pandemic still ongoing. i am so humbled that everyone still shows up at our doors even with our flaws. 2022 is the year where we plant our seeds to drive impact. in  2023, we will begin to steer our focus toward education and practice. 
i believe having set goals and having them shared helps our komuniti understand our direction, focus and keep us in check if we’ve gone astray. 
in 2023, karma yoga will drive its focus on the below 3 main pillars.
1. education and practice.
we will run our first 200hr yoga teacher training in february 2023; as karma yoga/ karma align academy is now an enhanced standard registered yoga school under yoga alliance. 
we will also continue to run our sequencing training and yoga immersion training. our approach is on educating our komuniti and teachers through a modern, holistic approach to yoga practice with training, workshops, sharing, and komuniti sessions. 
2. sustainable living.
we believe doing less to mother earth is more. this is important as we practice what we teach, and continue to drive sustainability efforts every moment.
3. taking breaks/rests.
karma holi-yay is a way we take a pause, go back to nature to recharge, and at the same time, just immerse ourselves in doing nothing. apart from the enforced and compulsory savasana every friday, we want to continue to provide affordable breaks for our yogis to say… ‘hey, let’s do good for myself right now’. 
the above will give you a glimpse or an idea of what to expect next year and we truly want to see you again in your next practice, with all the above in mind. and even if you don’t, here’s to letting you know that it’s ok. we hope that through our teaching, you will be inspired by our mission, direction, and purpose to drive change in yourself, for the komuniti, and to your own practice, at least, for the next 12 months.
that’s about it, yogis. i look forward to seeing you on the mat, in chaturanga or savasana. 
do good good,
jen o. 

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