2023 rise: 200hr yoga teacher training graduates

our vision is to shape the world through the practice of yoga, starting with quality education.

in our 2023 rise: 200hr yoga teacher training, we strive to help our graduates find a deep understanding of the philosophy and roots of the yoga tradition as well as clarity in the science of functional and purposeful movement based on current research and literature.

the training time spans across 3 months from february to april; however includes a practicum of komuniti classes; assist and teaching at karma yoga studio, as well as seva; a komuniti service done to end the training that spans until june, making it a total of 5 months long training. through this training, we hope to have developed our teachers sufficiently and provide them the confidence to teach yoga classes safely and with integrity with the intention to transform the lives of other sentient beings through the practice of yoga all through quality education and high standards in our requirements.

karma align academy

12 registered yoga teacher graduates

this year, we have proudly accredited 12 200hr ryt in accordance to requirements set by yoga alliance.
all graduates successfully passed the examination passing score of 70% and completed all required courseworks and practicums within the required timeframe.

2 scholarship recipients

our top scholars this year displays flair in understanding the depth of yoga, as well as performed academically in the examinations set. they also displayed an impressive dedication, proactiveness and accuracy in the span of their training duration. our distinction scholarship recipient this year goes to
1. amy l. and
2. lee xin w.

2 yoga immersion & teaching essential graduates

we have a few existing teachers joining us this year in this training, 2 of them retaking their 200hr yoga teacher training in yoga immersion as well as a certification in teaching essentials. these graduates are
1. janitha n. and
2. jamie l.

1 komuniti

karma align academy sangha or komuniti serves and grows as one.

the support system in each batch of ytt drives the trainees to challenge each other into their better selves every moment.

come one, come all.
jen o.

graduation speech

congratulations to all the teachers graduating in 2023's yoga teacher training.

the path that you begin to walk as a yoga teacher has just begun, and ahead of you begins the start of selfless service towards the betterment of all sentient beings. being a yoga teacher gives you this ultimate power to transform lives however small or minuscule the effect may be. never give up and keep learning, keep giving, and along the way ensuring you are also filled with a lot of wisdom, love and care to share. show up in your practice diligently, be authentic in your being, be kind and give willingly. when in doubt, look out for your komuniti, ask and learn continuously. the learning never ends.

“The soil of our mind contains many seeds, positive and negative. We are the gardeners who identify, water, and cultivate the best seeds.” ― Thích Nhất Hạnh, No Mud, No Lotus

i wish our graduates all the best in their teaching endeavours. as always, do good, everyday.
jen o. karma align academy, lead trainer

2023 karma align academy esteemed graduates

amy l.

I think the value you get from Karma Align Academy is far more than what is expected. There will be a lot of homework, but you will see how these homeworks come to fruition. If a person is serious about YTT, Karma Align Academy is serious about it too. The course is designed and curated with heart and thoughts put into it. Also if one wants to get not just knowledge and understanding about teaching yoga, Karma Align Academy will gives you an experience that may also change how you practice Yoga outside of your yoga mat, made you reflect on how you experience the 'self' and the 'life' as a whole.

ivan h.

the 200-hour YTT program with Jen at Karma Align Academy was a transformative experience. the program exceeded my expectations and provided me with a solid foundation in yoga teaching. The curriculum was comprehensive and well-structured, covering a wide range of topics including asanas, anatomy, philosophy, and teaching methodology. Each module was thoughtfully designed, allowing for a deep exploration of the subject matter. The trainers were highly knowledgeable and passionate about sharing their expertise, making the learning process engaging and inspiring. What truly stood out to me was the supportive and nurturing environment created by the Karma Align Academy team. They fostered a sense of community, encouraging collaboration and open communication. Karma Align Academy YTT emphasize on self-discovery and personal growth. we were encouraged to explore our own practice, dive deep into self-reflection, and uncover our unique teaching style. we were also given the opportunity for hands-on teaching experience, ample opportunities to practice teach in a supportive and constructive environment. The valuable feedback from the trainers and fellow trainees helped me refine my teaching skills and build confidence in my abilities. Jen and Karma Align Academy provided ongoing support even after the program ended. They offered resources for continuing education, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs, ensuring that graduates have the tools and support needed for their journey as yoga teachers. If you're considering taking the 200-hour YTT program with Jen at Karma Align Academy, I highly recommend it. Be prepared to embark on a transformative journey that will deepen your knowledge, ignite your passion for yoga, and empower you to share this ancient practice with others. The supportive community, comprehensive curriculum, and emphasis on personal growth make it an exceptional choice for anyone aspiring to become a yoga teacher.

adeline h.

Throughout the training, I received a well-rounded education in various aspects of yoga, including asanas, pranayama, anatomy, philosophy, and teaching methodology. The trainers at Karma Align Academy were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about sharing their expertise and supporting each participant's growth. Their guidance and feedback were invaluable in refining my practice and developing my teaching skills. One of the standout features of the program was the emphasis on experiential learning. We had ample opportunities to practice teaching, receive constructive feedback, and refine our teaching techniques. This hands-on experience helped me gain confidence and allowed me to embody what I was learning in a practical way. The supportive and nurturing environment created by the Karma Align Academy team and fellow trainees fostered a sense of community and camaraderie. It was inspiring to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who shared a genuine passion for yoga and personal growth. The connections I made during the training will undoubtedly be lifelong friendships and a valuable support network in my teaching journey. In conclusion, if you are considering embarking on a yoga teacher training (YTT) journey, I wholeheartedly recommend the 200-hour YTT program with Karma Align Academy. This program offers a comprehensive, transformative, and supportive experience that equips you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to become an exceptional yoga teacher. It is dedicated to providing a high-quality training that not only prepares you for teaching but also nurtures your personal growth as a yogi. It's a decision you won't regret!

janitha n.

This training provides a very strong foundation for aspiring teachers. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the foundations needed to teach yoga (not just asana, philosophy, etc but also focuses on how to actually teach) and the way the programme is structured, a student is given multiple opportunities to put into practice what they have learnt (both theory and practical) ensuring you are a better prepared to teach once graduating. It also challenges you to be curious and think for yourself rather than rote learning. Be prepared to work hard and devote a lot of time but it is worth the effort.

aida h.

Be prepared not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Yoga is a way of life, so you need to be prepared to become a person who is able to teach the yogic way. This YTT is a holistic one, don’t expect to just learn the physical aspects of it, as it’s not the point. Be prepared for yourself to naturally change from within-but also most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself, as this course will make you realise that yoga is not meant to be captured or learnt over 200 hours, it takes more than that and it takes incorporating all aspects of yoga in your life.

wai jing l.

I highly recommend taking YTT with Karma Align academy. The asana, anatomy, yoga history, philosophy & teaching methodology..etc classes were all thoughtfully presented. Teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced. It is not just about taking my practice to next level , at the same time it is also a path to my personal growth and finding my true self. Honestly, when I signed up I never expected this training to be one of the life changing experience in my life, but it was. Thanks to Karma Align Academy. Now I have the confidence to share my practice with others.

yean yee l.

The training program offers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses essential topics for aspiring yoga teachers. From anatomy and physiology to yoga philosophy and teaching methodologies, the curriculum is thoughtfully designed to provide a deep understanding of yoga from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

lee xin w.

Karma ytt course is comprehensive. Although the 200-hr trainings are designed only on weekends for 3 months, we need to complete uncountable hours of self study + assignments on weekdays. I would say the commitment for the whole training lasts for at least 5 months. Karma ytt not only focuses on asana practice and anatomy, it highlights a lot on humanity aspects, which includes yoga history, philosophy and ethics. The course has opened my mind in many aspects. Not only that I gained insights into the ancient practice, I also gained insights about myself. 🙂

kamalia m.

As someone who was looking for a YTT that was holistic in it’s teaching of yoga rather than just focusing on the physical side, I was really pleased with my experience in the rise:200hr YTT. The teachers really care about respectfully sharing the wisdom of the practice and properly preparing you to teach your future students in a valuable and safe way.

jamie l.

a well structured training. you will be spending 5 months (not 3 months :)) of learning and training under the wings of the 3 trainers - Jen, Edward and Ying. This training takes time and dedication and most important, patience. and to truly immerse in the training is keeping an open mind and surrendering to the process. It's not an easy training but great things are never easy

michelle l.

Karma align academy take the learning and teaching seriously and thoroughly. It is not for the cert only. Students will experience personal growth, big changes and improvements during and after the course. Get ready to commit and you will see yourselves big improvement and growth.

magdalene w.

This program is not only about asana or beautiful poses, it requires a lot of mental preparations, deep understanding and thought process into yoga & life. The process is not easy but fulfilling in the end.

eevon c.

KAA YTT offers you a deep understanding and exploration of what the yoga is. You will learn what yoga is not and appreciate it for what it truly is. YTT is a lot more to do with self-discovery than it is about teaching how to do poses so go in with an open heart and readiness to unlearn and relearn. Be prepared to dedicate additional time beyond the 200hours for compulsory journaling, video/written homework/assignments, YTT apprenticeship and community participation as part of certification, some of which will take up time during your work week to complete. Do consider fully what this means to your professional, social, personal, family time for the duration of YTT.

fatimah y.

Expect yourself to be enlightened spiritually. It will get you deeper into understanding yoga and yourself.

graduation gallery

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