every day feels special every time we step into the studio. although the faces that come vary in every class, the values we hold true remain the same. we love to see the komuniti care for each other and spread love and kindness in their actions. as we begin to come closer to 2024, we want to look back at how we’ve strived to be accountable every day with what we do and with this impact statement, give ourselves credit for what we did and not forgetting, how we can do better, onwards. 

let’s look back at the goals we’ve set for ourselves for 2023 and start from there. 

1. education and practice. 

we completed our first rise:200hr yoga teacher training and also another 50hr intelligent sequencing training with karma align academy, an enhanced 200hr registered yoga school. this year, we’ve graduated 17 teachers with 12 new teachers, and professional essentials training with 5 more. 4 of them are now on our permanent schedule at karma yoga studio. we also have 2 scholarship recipients this year thanks to their excellent academic results. congratulations teacher amy l. and teacher lee xin w. we also want to welcome teacher janitha n., amy l., lee xin w. and adeline h. who are graduates of karma align academy to karma yoga teaching team.  

when it comes to karma yoga;- complementary komuniti practice we provide to our partners, this year we have given out myr115,000 worth of minimum free one-day unlimited practice to the komuniti via inari jewelry, pillars malaysia, the vegan place, bask cafe, lyft club bangsar, second peach activewear, l’oreal malaysia, origins malaysia and argital malaysia. 

we also have 439 yogis who came to support karma yoga komuniti classes throughout 2023; via our yoga teacher training trainees at the studio. for international yoga day, we had 449 yogis who came to support the classes held at kl wellness city; and donated myr 2245 in total to paws malaysia (non profit organisation we supported in q2, 2023).

a total of 17,552 classes were joined by students attending classes at karma yoga (excluding events) throughout 2023 with an average price of myr 9.70 paid per class (a reduction of myr1.23 since 2021). 1,730 unique students came for classes and 574 cups of coffee were ordered this year. our top 10 students who joined the most classes in 2023 go to:-

no of classes joined is tabulated from 1st jan till 22nd nov 2023, excluding no-shows 

  1. 426 classes – yean yean l.
  2. 348 classes – mei yong m.
  3. 294 classes – shu yi c.
  4. 259 classes – agnes l.
  5. 248 classes – wai jing l.
  6. 244 classes – xin yi c.
  7. 235 classes – michelle l. 
  8. 229 classes – zhi xian c. 
  9. 223 classes – lee xin w.
  10. 222 classes – gurpreet p.

karma yoga practice includes giving back to the causes we support dearly and we have donate all late cancellation fees, no-show fees, and mat rentals in the studio to the causes below:-

q1(jan – mar) –  myr 2305 donated to wwf malaysia to save borneon elephants
q2(apr – june) – myr 5000 donated to paws malaysia to build malaysia’s first multi storey eco friendly animal shelter (amount includes fees from iyd @ kl wellness city classes) 
q3(july sep) – myr 2170  donated to tengah island conservation to protect critically endangered sea turtles and local biodiversity to safeguard marine life
q4(oct -dec) – myr1210 or more will donated to elderly foodpack project to help 250 beneficiary communities with healthier dietary support through 30 charities nationwide (figure correct up till 22nd nov 2023 and updated amount will be donated on 31st dec 2023)  

on top of that, karma align academy also donated (in items of home supplies, groceries, and medication) myr8500 to grace home klang as part of seva project under rise 200hr yoga teacher training.

karma yoga studio donated myr5500 to taman tugu malaysia for the sustainable efforts in the conservation of taman tugu for the general public for our anniversary event.
karma yoga studio also donated myr800 to standup malaysia in december to support 16 days of activism to end sexual and gender based violence in malaysia. 

in total, for 2023 (up to 22nd nov); karma yoga studio donated a total amount of myr 26,685 to the above non-profits in malaysia. this figure is a 2.443x increase from the amount donated in 2022. we are in disbelief that this happened but immensely grateful for the support from the komuniti. this is done by all of our karma yogis, thank you. 

2. sustainable living. 

karma yoga studio is fully committed to a mega-low environmental impact space by adopting intelligent living as our living ethos. our space and classes aim to educate our students to be mindful of our daily actions to support intelligent living through sustainability practices – both environmentally, and also on the mat.

this includes running our first sustainable practice event together with zero waste malaysia and origins malaysia. our aim was to share more education on environmental sustainable practices with the komuniti. on top of that, we drive sustainability through organic products collaboration with blood malaysia and argital malaysia. 

karma yoga studio’s space is committed to emitting low carbon usage, saving energy and water resources, and reducing and or no plastic use. we recycle everything we can from used boxes to supplies in the studio, bubble wraps, up to unused containers and bottles (left at the studio =.=). we have yet to install our bicycle hooks, but it is coming, very soon. 

we ask that all patrons visiting karma yoga studio begin to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle with us via these 3 main protocols – 

  1. turn off unused lights, and/or electrical appliances after use. ensure they are stored back clean and neat. 
  2. bring your own water bottle (please) and remember to take them back(umbrellas too).
  3. reduce wastage of any kind – wet towels to clean mats, paper towels to dry hands, toilet paper and supplies in studio, water, and food.

intelligent living, is truly a conscious komuniti effort. 

we believe doing less to mother earth is more. this is important as we practice what we teach, and continue to drive sustainability efforts every moment. this led to our first-anniversary event with sustainable efforts in mind. we are proud to hold the first and largest (pre-loved) activewear market in malaysia together with our co-partner looop malaysia and taman tugu. 

through this event; we collected more than 1000 pieces of second-hand active wear that were curated by our partner – looop malaysia. an amount of myr 807 was donated by looop to refuge for the refugees post-event. on top of that; the local activewear partners also donated a total amount of myr 1915 to reef check malaysia, zero waste malaysia, paws malaysia, gibbon conservation society malaysia, ape malaysia with 11 trees planted, and bright to special home in johor. a big thank you to shop terrae, ruuji, barelance co, 2nd peach activewear, floe active, reactive the label, raqtive and banana fighter activewear for joining us hand in hand to do goood together. 

in this event, a total amount of myr 8,222 was donated with the intention of doing goood for the environment and was done, thanks to the komuniti’s support to the lokal partners which is also part of our sustainable effort. as we do our part to do good every year, this year feels slightly more accomplished as we begin to rope our partners in to do the same. this is a big win for us, regardless of the amount.

3. taking breaks / rests. 

apart from the weekly friday savasana and public holiday breaks, we want to continue to ensure we impart the right message to the komuniti on consistency in practice over intensity. for the first time in, well, 3 years, we will be taking a week off at the end of the year to give ourselves, our teachers, and students time to rest and reset, before we start fresh and new in 2024. 

this year, our karma-holiyay went off the grid to the hooton retreat at negeri sembilan. this 4-day 3-night glamping / simple life retreat was both yin and yang to us. the focus of this retreat was to go easy with campfire meditation, yin under the stars, and yang practice with nature. it was a much-needed recharge after ytt and at the same time, just immersing ourselves in doing nothing. 

we also had an on-ground student and teacher’s gathering post-anniversary at spillstone coffee. this little gathering is a little get-together outside of our yogi pants and chat about anything, but yoga. furbabies were welcomed too. 

in a nutshell

while we definitely hit the mark with #1 and #2 , taking breaks and rest still requires quite a bit of work on our end. perhaps a little nudge now and then from the komuniti will push us into doing more holi-yay retreats or take short breaks that are more intentional for us in 2024. we do miss doing silent trails and perhaps more meditation events, yes? if you have any suggestions, we are always, all ears.



in 2024, these will be our top 3 focus. 

1. education 

i. rise 200hr yoga teacher training will only be held once yearly; for our trainers to fully focus their energy on educating future teachers and commit their time and effort to mentor and guide our trainees throughout the year. although the training spans for about 3 months – actual work is around 3 months of training, 1 month of marinating the knowledge into our trainees, and then practical for the rest of the year where our trainees put what they’ve learned into practice and meet the trainers from time to time. we believe in nurturing our teachers rather than being a factory of new teachers in a year’s time. that was never the intent of our ytts.

ii. foundational webinars, workshops, and training will be held in 2024 to focus on how to practice efficiently, effectively, and in the long run. this spills into… #2

2. sustainable practice

i. taking our practice to include more sustainable methodologies. while we focus on environmental sustainability efforts in 2023, next year, we want to focus on good measures in creating more sustainable practices on the mat as well. this will include going back to foundational alignment in yoga practice, strength building, regressions, props usage, and patience for long-lasting practice with less/no focus on peak poses. 

ii. practicing intelligent living efforts together – reduce, reuse, and recycle in all that we do, not just in-studio. 

3. komuniti building

i. komuniti events and offerings in 2024 will look into events that go beyond our comfort zone, and include other movement modalities outside of yoga. this comes third as when we put our time and efforts into #1, this sometimes takes a sideline. however, we aim to find the balance between both and hope that we can…

ii. at least host one or two karma holi-yay retreat where weather permits or bring more komuniti events that focus on our sustainable practice focus. 

time flies, but we want to slow down by savoring every moment together with all our students. 

our intention next year is to try to not succeed in one of the above goals so that we can sneak in some breaks and rest and let our students know that it is also okay to not get it all done. after all these set focuses are just guidelines. we hope that this impact statement we’ve declared openly will help us stay committed and accountable to all our actions now and beyond. the only way we succeed is obviously through the undying support of the komuniti who believed in the same vision and mission. we can really, do more and create a bigger impact when we do good, together. 

lastly, here’s an open apology to everyone out there if we’ve ever made you unhappy by denying your entry to class, charging you a no-show fee, having to ask you rm10 for mat rental, not responding to your calls, and messages, or emails on time, ended our classes later than stated, canceled the class when you’ve already changed into your leggings, gave you extra chaturanga, air-conditioners in class were too cold and/or our fan not strong enough, and that our newsletter was spammy but did not taste like spam. we are only human and full of flaws. however, your feedback helps us to know where we can do better. 

as always, i look forward to seeing you for practice in-studio, online, offline, wherever you are. yogis, we are truly one. 

-jen o. 

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  1. Well done Karma Yoga, thanks for all the teachers guidance and support. Karma yoga is not only yoga studio, is a place full of happiness and love. Here I wish and believe Karma Yoga will achieve to another peak with founder Jen, and groups of passion teachers. Wish all teachers have Merry Christmas and happy new year 2024

  2. I know I don’t show it enough and say it enough in classes but I would like to thank all the teachers in Karma Yoga for your passions in teaching and dedication in class. No doubt on the challenges you all went through to keep the classes / studio up and running. Let stay inspired together to get the most out of life though yoga. “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”

  3. Practising at Karma already feels so good. Being on the mat embodying Karma’s philosophy to do good every day, makes our practice more meaningful. Makes me proud to carry that bag around town. So much so that the no-show fee, extra chaturanga, given most willingly with love for serving the komuniti. #keepitup#doogoodeveryday

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