the karma difference

the art of giving back is karma yoga

do good. everyday.

our beliefs, habits, words, actions, and thoughts constitute “good and bad Karma” or “positive and negative Karma.” Whether we believe in one life or reincarnation, science or spirituality, logic or emotion, one thing we will find in common — we do good everyday and that is karma yoga.

komuniti over competition

taking what you learn on the mat and carrying it out into the world we live in to make it better. We believe in the pay-it-forward component so strongly, we are discounting our regular classes in exchange for volunteering at various organizations to make our komuniti stronger. our space is beyond the four corners of the wall and the rectangular within your mat; we believe in collaborations and working together, always.

Our Mission

do good. everyday: changing the landscape of yoga in malaysia to be more authentic, mindful, and conscious through our daily giving actions.

Our Vision

upholding a komuniti where yoga is not all but one.

a practice and space that is sustainable

we pride on intelligent living and conscious, mindful practice. 

our classes ranges from dynamic krama vinyasa to restorative yin, from strength to silence; all guided by handpicked quality educators. learn from the leaders in their fields, adopt intelligent living, embrace komuniti energy exchange and transformational enhanced standards training from the very best in yoga. 

27 teachers

our teachers are carefully handpicked and embodies our vision and mission through their daily teachings.

53 kolab partners

we kolaborate with lokal small businesses to support and grow together. follow us on our social media channels to be updated on the latest offerings from our kolab friends.

2 years two cool

we opened our space in september 2020 amidst the pandemic and is based in our sustainable komuniti space in telawi 3, bangsar. come for yoga, stay for the coffee.

kolab friends

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