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namaste! we are karma yoga. we welcome all levels, gender, pronounce, sexual preference, abilities, skin colors, and practice style of yogis to our komuniti and hope you will enjoy your practice with us.


to start, do read through our class booking 101 that will help you familiarise yourself with our house rules at karma yoga.

we have a variety of classes that caters to different bodies and preference. 
try out all the classes if you have the time and you might find the class for you. 
read all about the differences of our classes here
we are at jalan telawi 3, 2nd floor right above lululemon. 
if you are driving, below are the waze and google maps driving direction
waze driving direction.
google maps driving direction.
if you are using a ride-hailing service, just type “karma yoga malaysia” in the search area.
on-street parking is directly in front of our studio and across the road at jalan telawi 3.
you can also park within the vicinity of bangsar telawi and walk over.
please do not double park and remember to pay for your parking either via jom parking, smart selangor, or touch n go app. 
for underground parking, there is ample parking available at bangsar village 1, 2, and 3 (sports direct). we strongly suggest you arrive early so you can get a parking spot before the start of your class.

the practice

congratulations on braving yourself to your very first yoga class!
we are ever so excited to have you attend your first class with karma yoga. 
for first-timers or if you’ve practiced yoga for less than 3 months, we recommend that you attend our hatha 1 class as the class is better paced for you with complexity that is catered for new yogis. 
all of our classes are designed to be accessible to all levels of experience, so if you decide to drop into a different class other than hatha 1, just let the teacher know that you are still new to the practice. our teachers will spend more time in your form and alignment and ensure you have a better understanding of what you are practicing. 
when attending your first class, we encourage you to arrive 15 minutes early so that you can inform the teachers and staff that you are a first-timer and get to know more about the practice and your body conditions. let your teacher know that you are new to yoga, and feel free to ask any questions you may have. we are here to make sure you feel welcomed, comfortable, and well-informed.
yoga is a sanskrit word where its literal meaning is to join in union. its textbook translation means the union of body, mind, and spirit. the practice of yoga encompasses many different aspects from breath, meditation, discipline, yoga postures, withdrawal of senses, focus, concentration, and much more.
yoga postures or more commonly known as asana practice helps to improve body strength, muscle toning, balance, and flexibility. all these are done with the focus on mental, physical, and emotional stability through breath and alignment. with consistent practice, the mind can experience stillness and we begin practicing not just yoga asanas but implementing them through life stressors.
every body’s recovery time is different so we recommend that you first consult with your doctor before practicing with us if you are working with an injury or any medical condition.
do inform your teacher of any injuries (major or minor) so that the teacher can guide you safely throughout the class and provide any modifications as necessary. do note that classes like krama and karma vinyasa can be vigorous and dynamic, and may not be ideal for post-injury practice. 
most importantly, listen to your body and take necessary precautions including rest which is the most optimal for any type of recovery.
we do not offer prenatal classes and we do not recommend taking up a yoga class for the first time during pregnancy. if you practiced yoga prior to pregnancy, we recommend that you check with your doctor before attending any of our classes. 
please inform the teacher before the start of class that you are pregnant, regardless of which trimester you are in. do note that practicing is at your own risk and it’s your responsibility to practice the modifications provided with extreme caution.
if you would like to join a private prenatal class, please enquire at the front desk separately.
yoga practice requires discipline, consistency, and commitment. to experience the true benefits of yoga, we recommend practicing three times per week. a practice of two to three times per week will create transformation over time. when you begin to cultivate dedication and discipline in your practice, your practice will transcend internally.

online practice

yes, the booking method and pricing are the same for online classes. your class link is within your booking confirmation email. check-in your spam folder if you did not receive your booking confirmation email.
make sure that you have the latest zoom app installed on your device. 
login to zoom and click on the class link provided from your booking confirmation. 
do arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time to settle in and inform teachers of any injuries. prepare any props you need for practice and a wall space nearby. ensure your surroundings are clutter-free to ensure safety in your practice. 
your video is mandatory to be turned on so that our teachers can guide you optimally. keep your audio muted and unmute only when necessary. 
sound quality can be different for you based on your device. you can use earphones/headphones/speakers to ensure you can follow the class easily. we recommend casting your device to a large screen so that you can follow the practice closely.
we highly do not recommend you to arrive late and miss any of the warm-ups that will prevent injury in the long run. however, we do understand that those who opt for online classes can sometimes be bogged down for several reasons. safety is of the utmost importance to us, hence we ask that you warm up by yourself before you continue your practice with us. do turn on your video so that the teacher can monitor your practice and provide any options that are more suitable for you if you missed the beginning of the class.
at karma yoga, the safety of our students is our no1 priority when it comes to practice. to practice and be guided by your teacher optimally, we require our students to have their cameras on so that we can provide the best guidance to you as though you are in an in-studio practice with us. you will be provided with modifications that suit your body based on the teacher’s observation. rest assured, no one else is looking at your practice other than the teacher. 
this guided experience requires all students and teachers to play their part so that the whole komuniti feels safe within the online practice. if you do not have your camera on, we are unable to verify your identity, and furthermore, we wouldn’t know if you are really practicing, or you could be an outsider with malicious intent. to provide ease of mind to every single yogi, we keep our videos on. if you are shy about your surroundings, you have the option to use the filter to blur your background. 
this mandatory rule is set to safeguard everyone and is a final decision by the management and teachers combined. failure to adhere to our set rules will result in you being removed from class, with no prejudice. we ask that you ensure you understand this rule before signing up for our online class.
we do not offer any recording of classes as we believe this is not optimal for practice.
for every class we run at karma yoga, a minimum headcount is required for us to keep our operations running smoothly and for us to be able to pay our teachers at full rate, pay for karma yoga studio amenities and maintenance fees, and most importantly to keep our prices at it’s lowest for you. this is true even for online classes.
without cancellation fees, we run losses that will disable us to continue providing you with these services. on top of that, we are unable to serve students who can really make it to class if the class is fully booked. 
hence, we ask that you book mindfully and adhere to our class cancellation policies.

the nitty gritty

first off, sign up for an account with us.  registration is simple and easy and can be done in less than a minute. 
you can then start by exploring our pricing options available for you
in summary – we offer only unlimited packages.
unlimited daily,
unlimited weekly,
unlimited am (morning practice) or pm (evening practice); and
unlimited monthly.
the same package can be used for online and in-studio practice. no separate package is required. purchase the right plan for you and book a class from our schedule page.
we have more than 40 classes per week and 160 classes a month. pick a class that suits your schedule and timing without worrying that you have a limit in the classes you can join. reservation is mandatory before joining our class and booking can only be done online. walk-ins to the studio are also welcomed if there are still spots available.
please read through any updated s.o.p during covid-19 period and follow our social media for any updates that override this rule from the government’s s.o.p.
you can only purchase class passes and packages online. 
this can be done through our pricing page.
all you need to do is ensure you’ve already signed up for an account with us
select the package you wish to purchase on the pricing page and click “buy”. 
you’ll then be directed to our terms and conditions page. click “continue” once you’ve read through the details of our terms and condition. you will reach the payment details page where a valid credit card needs to be entered for a successful purchase. 
you will receive a confirmation email if your purchase is successful. all packages purchased via our website are non-refundable and non-transferable and non-shareable.
our system only accepts credit card purchases at the moment.
if you purchase one-month only access, you will only be charged once and it is non-recurring. 
if you’ve selected a package that renews monthly, you will be charged monthly until your package expires. it will not auto-renew unless if you repurchase again.
your package is not activated on the day of purchase. it will only be activated on the first class you book. 
we ask that you book your first class carefully; you will not be able to book an earlier class if you activated your package on a later date. please dm us on instagram or facebook to help you fix this.
log in to your account and you will be auto directed to your account’s page with details of your package.
to look into your package history, click on “my practice” on the side navigation bar.
all of our packages are non-refundable, non-shareable, and non-transferable.  
we ask that each student to take responsibility to choose the right package that suits their needs. we do not issue refunds for partially unused packages.
we do not offer any promotions.
we do not offer free trials.
log-in to your account and navigate to the schedule page. 
click on any classes you wish to join and you will be enrolled. 
we have a limited number of spots per class, booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment if a class is fully booked when you turn up.
walk-ins are only available if there are still spots available for class.
you will receive a booking confirmation email immediately after the class is booked. do check in your spam folder if you did not receive it.
if you are sure you will be able to make it for class, we highly recommend that you add yourself to the waitlist. 
just click on “add me into waitlist” when you book into a full class. 
when a student cancels, you will be bumped up into class. you will only be bumped up 12 hours before the class booking window providing you ample time to prepare.
yes. you can book all your classes 30 days in advance and we highly recommend you do so to secure your spots for class.
log in to your account and click on “my classes”.
locate the class you wish to cancel and click “unreserve” 
please note karma yoga class cancellation policy is within 12 hours before the class start time. cancellation within the 12h booking window will have a penalty of myr20. 
class will no longer be cancelable 3h before class start time and will be counted as a no-show with the same penalty of myr 20. 
if you are unable to cancel the class within the cancellation window, please still proceed to cancel the class in the online booking system. this will allow your spot to be available to others.
for every class we run at karma yoga, a minimum headcount is required for us to keep our operations running smoothly and for us to be able to pay our teachers at full rate, pay for karma yoga studio amenities and maintenance fees, and most importantly to keep our prices at it’s lowest for you. this is true for both online and in-studio classes.
without cancellation fees, we run losses that will disable us to continue providing you with these services. on top of that, we are unable to serve students who can really make it to class if the class is fully booked. 
hence, we ask that you book mindfully and adhere to our class cancellation policies.
you will be charged a myr20 no-show fee.
we kindly ask that you cancel your class if you can’t make it so that we can make way to other students who can and ensure we have a minimum headcount to run the class.
we understand that life events can sometimes happen. 
however, that does not take away the fact that a spot was reserved. 
our cancellation and no-show fees are done automatically through the system when a student does not show up/late cancel with no prejudice.
yes, email us at and let us know why. 
there will be an admin fee of myr50 paid once for the process to pause and unpause your account. every unlimited account can pause their account once in the duration of the package.
we should respect everyone’s time and personal schedules, therefore we start classes on time and strictly do not allow latecomers. our classes begin with silent centering and breathwork, hence any latecomers will distract and disrupt this process. please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class to allow the best experience of practice for yourself and others.
please arrive 15 minutes prior to your class start time. check-in at the front desk and settle in by placing your belongings in the locker.
let your teacher know if you have any injuries and wait for class to begin without rushing.
yes. do keep your phone in silent or airplane mode as to not disrupt the class.
we ask that you keep all your bags and belongings in the locker to create a clutter-free practice space. we do not want people to accidentally step on another person’s belongings. 
we ask that you stay till the end to allow the practice to be wholesome and complete. 
if you absolutely must go due to an emergency or leave earlier, do inform the teacher beforehand so that the teacher can signal you the appropriate time to leave without disrupting others. 
do sanitise and wipe them clean after use and place them back to where you originally took them from. 
karma yoga is a komuniti space hence we highly encourage everyone to take responsibility for the space and props used so that others can also use them safely.
for sure. 
we provide fully equipped shower facilities including towels for rental, hair ties, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, face wash, hairdryers, makeup removers, sanitary napkins, and lotions.
please check on studio policy as this may change during covid-19 period.
for sure. lugging your yoga mat can be troublesome. feel free to keep it at our changing room and you can access them easily when you come for class.
trying on of our karma swag apparel is not allowed for hygiene purposes.
we prefer cashless payment and accept debit card, credit card, maybank qr pay, grab pay, touch ‘n go and bank transfer.
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