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your experience, shape, size, gender, background, bendiness or lack thereof, are not barriers to beginning. you’ll discover a warm, welcoming and diverse komuniti of like-minded yogis eager to embrace the practice of yoga. whether you’ve never seen yourself as the yoga type, or a seasoned yogi with years of practice behind you, our teacher’s classes are multidisciplinary and will keep you engaged, motivated, and inspired, and help you practice purposefully.

e-ryt® 500, yacep®, FRCms, YIN50

jen o.

RYT 500, YIN 30

xenia k.

RYT 200

jess m.

RYT 200

felice p.

RYT 200

all r.

RYT 200

eddy a.

RYT 200

abigail w.

RYT 500

siew mei

RYT 200, YIN 30, ACE CFI

sandra w.

RYT 200

hum l.

RYT 200

edward c.

RYT 200

jo'liv k.

RYT 250

pasree l.

RYT 200

wen yee k.

e-ryt® 500, yacep®

julee y.

RYT 200

kristen l.

RYT 200

hanna a.

RYT 200, YIN 70

debbie o.

RYT 200

ying h.


zephyr l.

RYT 200

rin z.

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20-2 Jalan Telawi 3
Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur

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monday to thursday
7AM- 9.30PM

saturday & sunday
7AM – 1PM

closed on fridays

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