karma align academy

rise: 200hr
yoga teacher training

a modern progressive hatha yoga 200hr ytt
closing application: 31st january 2023


transformation and evolution from within

we want to empower you to inspire change, understand yourself, and allow transformation and evolution to start from within. our 200hr yoga teacher training will educate and help you embody the teachings of ancient and modern practices to honor body, mind, and heart. whether you are already a teacher, an aspiring teacher, or want to deepen you understanding of yoga, we will help you to find clarity in your being so that you will be ready to teach, lead, serve and inspire human-kind with compassion, empathy, and kindness.

our vision is to shape the world through the practice of yoga,
starting with quality education.

in this training, you will gain

* deep understanding of the philosophy and roots of the yoga tradition
* clarity in the science of functional and purposeful movement
* develop a sense of mindfulness in your being
* detailed anatomical knowledge with ongoing support from the lead facilitator
* learn and develop the capability to sequence a powerful energetic class
* understand the traditional teaching of meditation and pranayama
* lifelong mentorship with lead facilitator jen o.
* confidence to teach yoga classes safely and with integrity
* transform the lives of other sentient beings through the practice of yoga

core curiculum

enhanced standard core curiculum for 200hr yoga teacher training

training options

a training for all phases of your sadhana

your trainers

experienced facilitators from karma align academy

training schedule

training will be held every saturday and saturday from 4th february – 23rd april 2023
written & practical examination : 1st may 2023
teaching examination : 4th & 5th may 2023

training breakdown

7 – 11am : guided practice
11 – 1pm: brunch break
1pm – 2:30pm: asana breakdown

2.30pm – 3.45pm: anatomy & yoga humanities

3.45pm – 5pm: teaching essentials

/ any changes to the training schedule will be coordinated and communicated to the trainees in advance
/ examination timing will also be coordinated in advance with all trainees
/ any missed hours will need to be replaced

frequently asked questions

this training is a weekend course spanning from february to april 2023
saturday : 7am – 5pm
sundays : 7am – 5pm
examinations will be held the first week of may.
one hundred percent attendance is required for the completion of this training.
all hours must be documented accurately. any missed hours will have to be made up before the end of the program. tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal. all classes will start on time and trainees are expected to be present and ready to participate at the appointed starting time.
applications are evaluated for academic and physical ability, duration of practice, personal character, motivation, and ability to manage time and meet the financial obligations for this training
application requirements must be completed prior to the first day of the program. notification of acceptance will be immediate and via email only.
applications that are rejected will be refunded fully.
this training is open to:-
1. aspiring yoga teachers: who want to join a yoga teacher training(ytt) that focuses on a modern, progressive and functional hatha yoga approach with emphasis on philosophy, anatomy of movement, science, and confidently teach as a unique individual upon graduation.
2. yoga immersion: yogis who want to deepen their knowledge of yoga by focusing on yoga philosophy, yoga scriptures, understand the complete guide to asana practice/ how to self-practice, yogic lifestyle, and science behind yoga.
3. existing yoga teachers: teachers who want to refresh their knowledge based on updated literature, or improve their craft in teaching. existing teachers can choose to only attend training by module or attend yoga immersion.
we understand time to commit every weekend can be a challenge.
if you sign up for yoga immersion and missed some sessions, you can join your missed session(s) in the next batch of training (within 24 months) without a fee
existing teacher(s) can choose to join one or two of any of the modules offered in this training.
this will be a good chance for you to:-
1. refresh/update your information about a particular topic/subject matter in case you did not have it covered in your ytt.
2. deepen your understanding of yogic philosophies as karma align academy’s rise 200hr ytt will help existing teachers discover new understanding in yoga.
2. keep your yoga alliance membership by logging in 50 ce hours upon graduation.
note that this is still a certification for existing teachers so an examination will take place at the end of the course.
you may join one or two of any of the below modules
rise: 50hr yoga sadhana
techniques, training, and practice
training hours : 1pm – 2.30pm, 4th feb to 5th may
rise: 50hr anatomy, biomechanics & physiology
yoga humanities, anatomy & physiology
training hours : 2.30pm – 3.45pm, 4th feb to 5th may
rise: 50hr teaching essentials
training hours : 3.45pm – 5.00pm, 4th feb to 5th may
price per module is myr 3000
the breakdown of what you learn/un-learn/re-learn is above in the core curriculum section.
you will also receive 3 months of unlimited practice at karma yoga studio starting from 1st jan 2023
this training is not a guarantee that you get into the headstand or arm balance of your dreams. instead, it is for you to deepen your understanding of yoga and who knows, you might achieve what you want in due time.
this course is approved and accredited under enhanced standards 200-hour yoga teacher training with karma align academy.
graduates can log in to register their certification upon graduation with yoga alliance and be recognized globally.
for existing yoga teachers, you may log your training under continuing education with karma align academy.
teaching, training, and practice at 50h ce
yoga humanities, anatomy & physiology at 50h ce
professional essentials at 50h ce
yoga alliance is an organization in the united states to accredit and recognize standards for yoga teachers and yoga teacher training globally. only a registered yoga school under yoga alliance is allowed to run yoga teacher training where the graduates are then able to register as a ryt-200 (registered yoga teacher) with a yearly fee. it is not mandatory to register in yoga alliance upon graduation.
karma align academy is an enhanced standard registered yoga school under yoga alliance, accredited to run rise: 200hr yoga teacher training. 
rise: 200hour yoga teacher training core curriculum
80 hours: techniques, training & practice
30 hours: anatomy and physiology
30 hours: yoga humanities
60 hours: professional essentials
training contact hours: 200
this course will be offered once a year.
this training will be held at karma yoga studio at bangsar kuala lumpur.
trainees are required to follow karma yoga studio’s practice policies.
we will be offering scholarship(s) for this training. if interested, please submit the form below. the successful recipient will be contacted by karma yoga studio by email.
if you applied for the scholarship, you are still required to pay for the course first. successful applicants will have their course fee refunded fully/partially.
the scholarship recipient will be the sole decision of karma align academy, there may or may not be recipient(s) dependent on the quality of submissions.
six months unlimited membership at karma yoga studio from 1st jan 2023
rise: 200hr ytt manual by karma align academy (produced by anatomy)
certification of completion (for yoga immersion training)
certification of achievement (for graduate teachers & existing teachers)
continued education credits to yoga alliance
ryt-200 designation upon registration to yoga alliance for those who pass their examinations
personal 1:1 mentoring session with trainers
lifelong information, guidance and mentorship by the faculty
ongoing support from karma yoga teachers, and the komuniti.
aspiring teachers
rise: 200hr yoga teacher training
myr 9,000
payment plan available:
monthly payment for 3 months; myr3300/month
yoga immersion
rise: 200hr yoga immersion
myr 6,000
(trainees who wish to join certification the following year can do so at 50% of the certification training price)
payment plan available:
monthly payment for 3 months; myr2200/month
existing teachers
rise: 50hr yoga sadhana
techniques, training, and practice: myr 3000
50hr ce credits
rise: 50hr anatomy, biomechanics & physiology
yoga humanities, anatomy, and physiology: myr 3000
50hr ce credits
rise: 50hr teaching essentials
teaching essentials: myr 3000
50hr ce credits
scholarship applications will still need to pay for training first to secure your spot.
the course fee will be refunded to you upon successful application.
application and enrollment can be done via our website.
applications that are rejected will be refunded fully.
there will be no discount offered for this training.
karma yoga studio sadhana practice is complimentary to aid your learning process. we highly recommend a consistent yoga asana practice during your training period to aid your learning process.
for students who already have an existing package, the additional 6 months/3 months of membership will be appended to your current membership.
certification trainees that are unable to join/participate (covid/any medical condition/unforeseen circumstances(travel/emergencies)) on any of the training days/hours can pay a fee to cover extra facilitation hours(myr100/per hour) with the lead trainer.
any trainees who fail to attend more than three weekends without communication will be assumed withdrawn and dismissed. they will need to join another course to complete their 200hr certification within 24 months’ time. 
cancellation of classes due to unforeseen circumstances (or public holidays) may occur.
in that case, additional saturdays or weekends will be replaced and will be communicated and coordinated accordingly with trainees.
it is okay for yoga immersion trainees to miss a training session.
do not worry, we are here to accommodate your learning every step of the way, do communicate and discuss with the training faculty to aid your training progress.
upon acceptance, the course fee is non-refundable. this is a non-refundable training.
in any case, you can’t continue to take the training; you may defer to the next batch the following year. trainees will be allowed to defer their session once.
if under any circumstances you are unable to attend due to covid-19 (close contact, quarantine, or tested positive), you can schedule a separate session with the trainer(s) to cover missed academic lectures with a fee.
applications that are not accepted will be refunded fully.
trainees are required to follow karma yoga studio’s practice policies.
trainees will be expected to behave in a professional manner at all times.
standards of conduct policies include, but are not limited to:
/ no sexual harassment of any type or form will be allowed
/ no substance use or abuse will be accepted
/ no smoking allowed at karma yoga studio
/ no breach of confidentiality will be tolerated
/ practice good personal hygiene during the training and be mindful of covid policies
/ one hundred percent attendance is required for the completion of the certification training. tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal.
/ all classes will start on time and trainees are expected to be present and ready to participate at the appointed starting time.
/ if a trainee misses more than 2 weekends without prior notice, they will need to join another course to complete their 200hr certification. 

application process


step 1: purchase training

ensure that you can meet the financial obligations for training and chosen the right training for you


step 2: submit application

application to the program does not guarantee acceptance . evaluation criteria: physical ability, duration of practice, ability to meet financial obligations and timeline


step 3 (optional): submit scholarship application

application does not guarantee receiving of scholarship. evaluation criteria: personal character, motivation, examination results, drive.

scholarship application
please note that you will still need to sign up in advance to secure your spot into the training.

successful applicant will be notified via email.

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